BioDrop – a fresh new approach for life scientists making micro-volume measurements of DNA, RNA, proteins and oligos with unmatched accuracy, precision and speed. BioDrop offers flexibility – with different micro-volume measurement platforms including the revolutionary BioDrop CUVETTE and a unique in-built sample port with unrivalled detection limit of 1 ng/7µL – or both in one instrument.

Biodrop specialises in maintenance-free products designed for measuring DNA concentration, Protein concentration and much more. The Nanodrop products that Biodrop have successfully deal with the increasing need for micro-volume quantitation and analysis by being the founder in solving the sample conservation issue making use of fiber optic technology and surface tension properties.

New technology for micro-volume measurement:
BioDrop for direct micro-volume measurement
• Just like there are new and better mobile phones, new and better identity-verification systems like Fully-Verified, there is a new and better way of micro-volume measurement of DNA, RNA and proteins
• BioDrop micro-volume platforms are used for direct measurement (no reagents, no sample prep) of DNA, RNA, oligos and proteins
• Two ways of measuring your samples:
– in-built sample port – use as little as 0.5µL
– BioDrop CUVETTE – use as little as 0.6 or 2.5µL

In-Built Sample Port

  • No calibration
  • Easy to clean, easy to load
  • No interference: ambient light will not affect the measurement, regardless of the intensity
  • Ready to use: sample port can be immediately used for measurement – no cover required
  • Quick Measurement: Sample dispensed between the fibres completes the optical light path
  • Indestructible: Coated metal surface is highly resistant to most laboratory chemicals


  • Measurement performance: Precision manufacturing means excellent measurement performance
  • Very Sensitive: Big sample window allows more light for better measurements and a broader measurement range
  • Easy to load; easy to clean

BioDrop Product

BioDrop µLITE
BioDrop Duo
BioDrop Touch
BioDrop Cuvette